giovedì 31 gennaio 2013

Pantone food... sempre in tema!

Una mia cara amica, mi ha portato all'occhio un meraviglioso post sempre in tema di cibo e colori, vi lascio il link anche se ho scoperto che in gergo si dice "reblogged" !!!
Andatevelo a vedere!!!
Purtroppo non sono capace di mettere l'anteprima del post!

lunedì 28 gennaio 2013

In natura tutto si ripete

Non solo sezioni auree e frattali, il cibo a volte assomiglia anche a parti dell'essere umano, uno è Tutto e Tutto è uno. Ed ecco che il corrispettivo del nostro corpo in natura, aiuta il corpo stesso.
Ok, ho finito di filosofeggiare; è solo lunedì!

venerdì 25 gennaio 2013

Pasta with smoked salmon, vodka and double cream

Last spring I spent some time in Manchester to attend a business course, probably I most enjoyed myself then to improove my English... however, I lived with two spanish girls and often there were some parties in the house. They asked me to cook a good dish of pasta and I thought to prepare a pasta with local ingredients because it is not thinkable to prepare a Carbonara without parmisan and pecorino cheese... almost for me and also if there the bacon is super. In UK there are two perfect and wonderful ingredients i.e. smoked salmon and cream so it were perfect for a delicious pasta!
  •  Pasta: whatever you prefer, I choseed "conchiglioni" because the juice is gathered better;
  • Cream... double cream! It is more tasty and in Italy there is not;
  • Vodka: a glass
  • Spring Onion: 1
  • Smoked Salmon
  • salt
  • parsley
  • extravirgin olive oil
We were a lot of people so most of the ingredients were doubled.
First of all, keep the onion and peel it off

Then slice the onion and chop it

Put the chopped onion and Extra virgin olive oil in a pan
Fried the onion and remember: to cook a delicious pasta you need a lot of water... pasta has to breathe in the pot!

 In the meanwhile take the salmon

and mince tha salmon ... the knife is useless with this kind of salmon... enjoy the salmon with you hands!
 Ok now the onion is cooking; don't let become brown, it must be transparent
Add salmon and let it cook for few moments, if needs, add some hot water (this was an ugly pan)
When the salmon is ok, add a glass of vodka
and let it evaporate
Now is the creamy moment!!! I adore this!
Add it in the pan
In the meanwhile put the pasta to boil, remember to add an handfull of caurse salt and wait until it keep to boil.
Occasionally remember to stir the pasta... pay attention at the cooking time... it's very very important... taste it after 8 minutes and then every1-2 minutes..
Now add the parsley

Mix it and switch off the gas machine.
When the pasta is ready drain it and add it to the pasta.

 Taaaa daaaa!!! Enjoy your easy, genuine (local ingredients) and fast meal!
Remember; where ever you are, if you want to cook a good dish of pasta, you must use local fresh ingredients!

P.S. sorry for the low pictures' quality but I had only my smartphone :)

giovedì 24 gennaio 2013

Colori e Cibo

Ogni colore ha una particolarità ed un effetto, non solo per la nostra anima ma anche per il nostro corpo!
Quindi colorate i vostri piatti :)

Fonte: Dentosofia.

Vegetable (Italian) Soup: Oh No!!!!

Bleaaaahhhh!!! Vegetable soup!!! Who really can enjoy that!!!???  Why a picture of ham if is it a vegetable soup recipe?  Of course, ours is modified to make it even tastier.  I like all the food, also because my mom has committed to ensure that from the cradle to grow me up with the fear of being at a dinner table, guest of somebody who cooked for hours offending him/her  with a simple "I do not like". Never let it be. As early this garlic allergy puts me to the test. But the soup and I, really, we have a relationship of love and hate.
I love the soups and the minced vegetable soup (preferably with pasta inside because I have to chew) but the only soup into large pieces that I tasted with all my senses was that of a dear  friend Roman-grandfather.
He took all the vegetables, he cut them, cooked them for hours, with so much love, so much tomatoes, a lot of pecorino cheese and so much pasta! Almost at the end was a pasta with vegetables!
What I am presenting today however, is healthy, because it contains fresh seasonal vegetables, and tasty thanks to the additions we made.  I think this recipe is directed to those who are beginners in the kitchen, so I also chose to shoot with video parts cleaning vegetables, to show the gestures (do not know why but I think of a friend of mine who had problems as well as make a sauce, started by me of course, with a wooden spoon).
For me, from my childhood, it was a big help to look anyone was cooking, so who knows not help you too! And this is one of those recipes that I tried to translate in English because let's face it .... Buddy Love (the cake’s boss) must put an end to teach Italians how to cook ...

    • String beans quantum satis

    • Chard q.s.
    • Carrots q.s.
    • Zucchini 2
    • Onions 2
    • Potatoes 3
    • Tomato 1
    • Half Pumpkin
    • Half Savoy Cabbage
    • Beans q.s.
    • Celery
    • Diced ham or bacon
    • If you have some rinds of Parmisan cheese
    • Rise (if you like it)
    • Extra virgin Olive Oil
    • Salt and pepper

      3....2....1.... GO!!!

      First you need to start giving a first cleaning vegetables, without cutting them again, just remove the ends to the string  beans.



    Remove the skin of potatoes.

And the final part of the chard.


Particular attention should be paid to celery, you know that celery has often filaments which are very annoying ... well remove them is very simple:
Being time we had in our  vegetal supply a little piece of pumpkin, it is usually very strong, can be a bit annoying peel it but it is not impossible ..
and so on for all the vegetables, remove the end, the core the cabbage and the various impurities and then wash them well, not as I do ...

Once this is done, start cutting carrot

  and onions!

Then in a pan put a little oil and put these three vegetables, leaving them wilt

 How wonderful colors!! Oh well, now while you let wilt the mixture, start to give vent to your thoughts mincing around the rest of the vegetables!

 Then, pour the vegetables in the pot at this point, as our usual, you realize that the pot is small, so you have to change, thank goodness you have not yet added the water!

Once you change the pot, that little place it aside, in the right add about 1 liter of water, although there seems little, remember that by cooking the vegetables will eliminate its vegetation's water so the broth will be better trained . We don not add dice but we add a handful of coarse salt. Put the lid let cook  over medium / low.

Meanwhile, dice the ham

 and put it  to fry in a nonstick pan, without adding fat, just one that has "by nature", the same if you use bacon.
Optimization of time, let sauté the ham and let us take care of the crust of Parmesan. It is edibled, and coocking it melts a bit, why throw it away? Clean is easy, here's how:
and then add the salt and the ham to your soup
 Let it simmer for at least an hour and a half, while going to give water the plants, play with your kids hairy, just read my blog! With love, be patient, it will look like the soup of my friend Mario ...
If you like, go to almost the end of cooking, a bit of soup to blender or in any food processor, if you have the colon that he enjoys like crazy to play with the hula hoop to get a bit part of boiled rice to be added at the end, possibly on your plate, so if you can freeze the soup forward without the rice will become overcooked and long long, so sad ...

So ... Good healthy appetite!!
 And once again, sorry for my bad english!
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